What Is Kendo?



Kendo, meaning "Way of The Sword", is the modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional swordsmanship that dates back to the feudal period of Japan. It is practiced using "swords" made of four bamboo slats bound together called shinai along with protective armour worn to protect specified target areas on the head and body. Kendo is a physically and mentally challenging activity that combines strong martial arts values and self discipline with sporting-like physical elements.Today, about 8 million people practice the art of Kendo worldwide.


The concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana (sword).



The purpose of practicing kendo is:
To mold the mind and body,

To cultivate a vigorous spirit,

And through correct and rigid training,

To strive for improvement in the art of kendo,

To hold in esteem human courtesy and honour,

To associate with others with sincerity,

And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.

This will make one be able:

To love his/her country and society,

To contribute to the development of culture,

And to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.

(Established on March 20, 1975)